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Doleh Beauty

DOLEH Duo color palette( dark light green)

DOLEH Duo color palette( dark light green)

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DOLEH Body Painting Series

Our products cater to every age group and occasion, creating stunning visuals that burst with color, fostering a fantastical atmosphere. From events to stage performances, We celebrate the beauty of art. Experience the pinnacle of creativity and vividly paint your life with DOLEH Body Painting.

Water-based painting, can be used for face and body parts painting
[How to use] First, dip the paint brush into water and adjust it to the appropriate concentration, then apply it on the skin.
[Cleaning method] First wipe the paint on the skin surface with a wet tissue, and then use clean water or soap to completely remove it.
[Storage Method] Do not place in direct sunlight to avoid discoloration.
Precautions: People with allergic skin please test before use. Please keep it out of the reach of young children.

"Capacity" 25g 

★This product complies with EC1223/2009 European and American certified cosmetics grade, easy to clean and does not hurt the skin.

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