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DOLEH Water-activated UV Eyeliner - Gorgeous Red

DOLEH Water-activated UV Eyeliner - Gorgeous Red

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The water-activated eyeliner will help you create a beautiful and glamorous look. this is  water-activated eyeliner comes in a variety of UV colors. They react & glow under UV lamp/backlight!  All you need is a little amount of water and apply to the desired areas. We also have special eyeliner brushes to help you create stunningly beautiful looks (sold separately). Vegan & Cruelty Free Formula.


How to apply

  1. Open the container and add a few drops of water inside the cap (not the main container)
  2.  Use the water inside the cap to wet the brush. 
  3.  Dip the brush inside the pastel; mix it well until a thick smooth consistency is achieved.
  4.  Apply the product to the desired face & body areas
  5.  Allow product to fully dry and you are done ! 

Before closing and storing the product, allow it to fully air dry 

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